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Certicell provides responsible and innovative solutions to our customer's electronics recycling needs. We are committed to protecting the environment through honest and fair business practices and we pledge to uphold the standards of regulations of our profession while investing in our community through outreach and service.

We are comprised of electronic repair specialist, seasoned supply chain and logistics experts who provide responsible, reliable and secure solutions for recycling, harvesting and reselling technology equipment and components. We do this by developing tailor-made solutions for recycling, harvesting and resale of consumer and commercial technology equipment with a focus on wireless devices and components, consumer electronics, and enterprise infrastructure equipment. We do this by forging long-term partnerships with customers and leveraging decades of collective supply chain and logistics experience to mitigate the negative environmental impact of unused and end-of-life technology.

Our customized solutions maximize revenue for our clients while minimizing their environmental impact on the planet. Our passion, innovative process and commitment to customer and community alike allow us to boast the highest ROI and best overall value for our clients, while preserving natural resources for future generations.